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Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Estate Planning

March 23, 2017

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Every day, we meet with individuals and families for estate planning. Many of them share some variation of the following feedback: “We just never thought of it before…”. That’s an understandable reaction – estate planning isn’t a topic you hear about frequently on the news, and there’s often a misnomer attributing estate planning simply to retired individuals or couples.

But in reality, estate planning is something that makes sense for every person or family. And not just “someday,” but right now! Here’s why:

Depending on your specific needs, you may only need one meeting with an estate planning attorney. Here at Restaino Reddien, LLP, we are proud to service Niagara Falls and the entire Western New York region. We’ll give you the personal attention you deserve and will be sure your needs are met. Call us at 235-5885 or contact us through our website to schedule your free consultation.


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