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4 Estate Planning Lessons From Celebrities

May 9, 2017

estate planning lessons

There are many aspects of “celebrity” that most of us will never encounter. Needing an entourage. Keeping track of multiple mansions or a private jet. Scheduling movie premieres.

But estate planning is an area that’s critically important to all of us. And just as celebrities are in the news for their latest albums or movies, when famous people pass away, their estate planning mistakes are also in the news. These mistakes may make you shake your head when you hear about them, but they also provide extremely important lessons for all of us to consider when planning for our future. In particular, these four (4) estate planning lessons (learned from the mistakes of celebrities) can be helpful for your future:

While the unfortunate circumstances surrounding these celebrities and their passing have negatively impacted their families, you can take steps now to ensure those same mistakes don’t affect your families. Call our office at 235-5885 for a free consultation and to start taking the right steps today.

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