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How Divorce and Remarriage Can Affect Your Estate Plan

June 7, 2017

Life has its ups and downs, and over the course of a lifetime, we all make decisions that impact our lives — both in the present and in the future. Divorce and remarriage are two of those life changes that of course have profound impacts on our lives. But while they impact our day-to-day lives, Read More

student loans

Ask the Estate Planning Attorney: What Happens to My Student Loans When I Die?

May 23, 2017

The landscape for student loans is on the cusp of changing drastically. With recent changes in New York State potentially offering free tuition to millions of students down the road, the end of student loans — at least in New York — may very well be on the horizon. Of course, that doesn’t do much Read More

estate planning lessons

4 Estate Planning Lessons From Celebrities

May 9, 2017

There are many aspects of “celebrity” that most of us will never encounter. Needing an entourage. Keeping track of multiple mansions or a private jet. Scheduling movie premieres. But estate planning is an area that’s critically important to all of us. And just as celebrities are in the news for their latest albums or movies, Read More

estate planning tips for parents

5 Things All Parents Need to Understand About Wills

May 2, 2017

Research shows that more than half of Americans do not have a will. While they may not be the most popular element of planning for many, wills are critical components of estate planning. In particular, wills are especially important for parents. In a way, your will is the last thing you get to “say” to Read More

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How “Convenience” Can Compromise Your Estate Planning Wishes

January 4, 2017

  In today’s world, convenience reigns as king. Whether it’s a fast food drive-thru, an automated machine that rents movies or a coffee maker that only makes one cup at a time, society now wants its products and services delivered as quickly and as conveniently as possible. Unfortunately, the legal profession is not immune to Read More

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What To Expect When You’re Expecting…To Meet With an Estate Planning Attorney

December 2, 2016

Often times, the first meeting with an estate planning attorney is your first interaction with any attorney in your life. This can mean a sense of insecurity or just plain confusion about what to expect at their first meeting.   “I’ve filled out the questionnaire and schedule my appointment, but what should we expect to Read More

Power of Attorney Modifications

Power of Attorney: Part 3 >> Important PoA Modifications

November 25, 2016

Several weeks ago, I explained the basic “What” and “Why” of a Power of Attorney document in Part 1 of this blog series. My goal: To provide a basic understanding of the Power of Attorney document and why it’s extremely important for every family. In Part 2, I examined the basic powers granted in a Read More